Meet Your Sanity Saver

Working in call centers, Ashley became bored with the monotonous routine and the corporate way of life. She knew that with seven-plus years of customer service under her belt she could use her talents in a better way. After doing some research, she ran across the virtual assistant industry. Taking a leap of faith she applied for a position she found online and landed the job.

After spending six months handling various project management and data entry gigs she finally decided to start a virtual assistant business of her own. The passion she has for helping people is how Gifted Digital blossomed. Taking the lead and making sure everything operates smoothly has always been a strength and being able to combine her leadership spirit with her creative personality has created a lifelong career for herself and other people.

Ashley Jerzak is a Northern fireball, born and raised in the Midwest, but living in the South. If being a millennial veteran wife and mother of two amazing boys did not keep her busy enough, she is also currently going to school online majoring in marketing. Ambition and curiosity are two traits that fuel her, but they also keep her humble. She doesn’t believe in the words “no” and “don’t know”, but instead lives her life knowing the meaning to the words “yes” and “find out” as replacements.

Finally finding a profession she truly loves as a Virtual Assistant, Ashley specializes in providing administrative, creative marketing, and design support services to her clientele.